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12th-Mar-2016 09:06 am - Doujinshi for sale -- $10 and up!
I am downsizing and selling part of my Yubinbasya collection here at my Tictail store. If you are interested in other Zack/Cloud doujinshi by other artists, please check out the "Final Fantasy VII" category in my store as well.

Special Livejournal Deal:
Buy all five Yubinbaysa doujinshi for $55 and free shipping (USPS Media Mail within the US)!
You'll have to private message me here on LJ or leave a comment on this post to let me know, as I don't know how to offer this deal in my store.

Thanks for looking!

2nd-Jun-2014 02:00 pm - My Yubinbasya collection
Hello everyone :D

I know this community has been ignored for a very long time now, and I'm sorry about that.

Anyway today I have come to link to a blog post I did earlier today with images of my complete Yubinbaysa collection. I thought that it might be of interest to anyone who is still watching this community.

13th-Apr-2014 08:45 am - Selling Yubinbasya Mug
Yubinbasya mug
Price: $70

Feel free to ask ^^
hxh // kiru // the internet is for it
Hello! I have Yubinbasya's LOVE LIKE LIFE Z/C anthology for sale! You can find the sales info as well as other doujinshi for sale HERE AT MY SALES POST!

Thanks for any interest!
four Yubinbasya doujinshi

I'm currently thinning out my doujinshi collection, and I would like to find good homes for these doujinshi!

-->Please see my sales post here for additional information<--

My prices aren't set in stone, so please feel free to make me offers! Thanks!
Fang Love
x-posted from GaragesaleJapan

Pretty broke atm and trying to trim down on my collection for holiday shopping money D=

All of them are Zack/Cloud, with the exception of one Squall focused:

List/PicturesCollapse )
27th-Sep-2010 04:15 pm - Yubinbasya doujinshi (Price reduced)
3 Yubinbasya doujinshi for sale

Price Reduced

Feel free to ask^^
Hopefully it's okay to post links to external sales here; but, if not, just let me know, and I will take this down.

I am thinning out my doujinshi collection, and I have a copy of the LOVE LIKE LIFE Final Fantasy VII Zack/Cloud doujinshi up for auction on eBay here.
The auction ends on Tuesday, August 31 at 12:13PM PDT, and the opening bid is set for $49.99. (Maybe that's a bit too high, though? I'm not sure.)

Shipping is limited to only the US right now, but I am willing to consider international shipping if I am asked about it beforehand. The doujin is a little on the heavier side (300+ pages and all), and international shipping is definitely more expensive than domestic shipping. And then then the package would have to pass through customs on top of that.

Anyways, if anyone has any questions about the auction, please feel free to leave a comment here, or send me a PM through LJ or a message through eBay. Thanks!

I also have a copies of both ZC Remix 003 and Irotori dori no sekai (イロトリドリノセカイ) that could use new homes as well, though I haven't put them up on eBay yet.Collapse )
6th-Jul-2010 10:51 am - Doujinshi Sale
rho ophiuchi

I found a sale on nycmango's page that's reasonably priced for some very beautiful Yubinabasya works:

ステラ , Departed, and 1000000 times

If I had the money, I would definitely pick these up, especially the very beautiful 1000000 times, which has pages that are in the traditional watercolor style that I originally fell in love with in Ryo Akizuki's works.

14th-Jun-2010 02:00 pm - Update~!
Since I have been rubbish the list of Yubinbasya doujinshi has been rather neglected >_<; So I have just gone through it and updated it. For those interested you can find it here.
19th-Aug-2009 10:42 am - Sale I Found
Hey, I was just leisurely looking through livejournal sales (for used, torn-up Kingdom Hearts manga for super-cheap so I could rip them up and scan their pages because I can't find any good, high-resolution scans of anything past the first volume. just mentioning this in case anyone knows where I could find such a deal).

Anyway, I found a pretty good deal on two Yubinbasya doujinshi here:

Just thought I should share this lovely find. If they're in good condition, this is a nice deal.
23rd-Apr-2009 11:49 am - Doujinshi for sale!
Hi everyone! I have the Final Fantasy VIII Beauty and Stupid doujinshi for sale. Anyone interested in it? Details are in my page. Drop a message there if you'd like to get it!

Come on in!
16th-Apr-2009 02:26 pm - Z/C Yubinbasya Doujinshi!
Hey everyone!

I don't know if this is allowed, if not mods please feel free to remove. I have two Z/C Yubinbasya Doujinshi for sale for anyone that is interested! Peach Pit 2 and Itan No Hana! Please take a look and let me know if you're interested! ^_^

Peach Pit 2Collapse )

Itan No HanaCollapse )

15th-Apr-2009 08:09 pm[ no subject ]
Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale
Hey guys, I'm selling a Yubinbasya 2008/09 school calendar over at my selling post. Please check it out if you're interested.

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