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About the Community

This community is dedicated to the artist, Ryo Akizuki and her doujinshi circle, Yubinbasya, for the appreciation of her beautiful doujinshi and fan artwork related to the following series:

Yubinbasya's Official Website can be found here:

Content Description and Disclaimer

You must read and understand these terms before joining or posting an entry on this community

Because of the focus of Yubinbasya's art, it is likely there will be depictions and discussions of romantic love between male characters posted in this community. Yubinbasya's work primarily features, but is not limited to, her artistic interpretation of the relationship between the characters Zack Fair (Zax/Zacks) and Cloud Strife from the video game Final Fantasy VII and its compilation series. If you are in any way offended by homosexuality or works that may depict homosexual love, this is not the community for you.

Flaming, anti-gay preaching, aggressive arguing, and general hate or intolerance will result in your removal from the community, as well as restricting posting privileges. It's required that everyone be courteous and respectful to one another within the community. Understand that people do have different opinions and perspectives than you do. Also, understand that this is not an exclusively Boy Love / Yaoi / Shounen-ai community, because Yubinbasya's work is not exclusively such.

Content Protection Policy

If graphics, fanart, fanfiction, analysis, essays, or anything else of a creative, artistic, personal, or generally copyrighted nature is posted on this community, it will be expected that the users of the community respect the producer of the work. This means that there is no copying or redistribution without the consent of or outside the boundaries of the terms indicated by the member posting his/her material. In the case of icons or freely distributed graphics, please give credit to the member that created them, and abide by their stated terms of use (ie, don't edit them if the graphics artist asks you not to, don't use them outside of LiveJournal if you're asked not to, don't post scans on other websites if it's specifically stated that you shouldn't or if you don't have permission from the scanner... etc.) Remember, if it's published, it's copyrighted, and anything stated on the internet is considered published work.

And use common sense and common decency in general, don't harass members, no spamming, don't post graphic content outside the guidelines for it... etc. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask one of the community maintainers.

Regarding Mature Content

It must be stressed that this community is an art-based community, focusing on the works of Ryo Akizuki [ Yubinbasya ]. Although some of her art is more sexually graphic, and intended for the mature viewer, this work has no less artistic merit by the standards of this community. Because the community maintainers feel that all work by the artist has equal value as works of art, regardless of the nature of the content, we have set up age-appropriate precautions, but are allowing for all art to be posted and appreciated by those of appropriate age and maturity.

This is Important to understand

All art work, scans, graphics, writing, or anything else of a graphic nature is to be posted under an LJ-cut, using the LJ-cut feature. The text that is to be at the head of the cut must contain this phrase: "Must be Over 18 to view. Do not click if you are under 18, Mature Content behind cut." Or... yanno... something to that obvious extent.

If you don't know how to use LJ-Cut, simply paste this code into the body of your entry where you'd want it to appear, and edit as instructed in the italicized area:

<lj-cut text="Must be Over 18 to view. Do not click
if you are under 18, Mature Content behind cut.">

All further text, html, graphical content that you wish to hide behind the cut is to be placed here



Also, please use LiveJournals new Adult Content Filter to flag posts that contain Explicit Adult Content, in terms of posting adult-rated images or writing, or Adult Concepts if there is a discussion of a nature that is not intended for viewers under 14 years old.

Other Information and Tagging

In addition to censoring mature content, please use LJ-Cut to place large bodies of text, such as long fanfiction, essays, long lists, or anything else within a cut to condense the page. Probably anything that is over 30 lines should be cut (though we're not going to sit there and count the lines, but this should give you an idea as to what is considered "long"). Large images that may warp the main page or a user's friend's page, or content which may be considered spoilers for their series or work should also be cut. Please make it clear if content contains spoilers within the text of the LJ-Cut, and generally let us know what's behind any cut before someone chooses to view it.

Also, please take the time to familiarize yourself with Tags, and the guidelines we have in regards to placing tags in entries. Our guidelines are clearly expressed in this post:

Tag Guidelines

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